Aug. 15, 2011 : I Must Be Joking

Three more minor variations of Phil Collins's No Jacket Required have made it to the Target CD Collection.

First there is the most common insert variation (Printed in West Germany) of the most common disc variation of this album (Atlantic - 81240-2 - MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM).

Then I discovered a minor hub variation of the Record Service pressing, with the company name TOOLEX ALPHA who supplied the CD pressing equipment, engraved next to the matrix number. This pressing also came with inserts that I had not yet seen on other variations.

Finally the number of French pressings of this album is increased to 3 with this minor hub variation that has four small '5's in the plastic center.

The total number of variations of this CD in the Target CD Collection is now running in the double figures. When I told a friend about this a few days ago, he looked at me with disbelief in his eyes. 'Do you mean to tell me that you have 10 different variations of the same CD?', he cried out, 'You really must be joking!'.