May 16, 2018 : Ten Out of 10

"Oh sorry, I think I came to the wrong website".

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, based upon the title of the article you are writing now, I thought I could find some more information about the CD "Ten Out of 10" by the English rock band 10cc, but when I look around here, I can only see a lot of target CDs, while the CD I have in mind has a green arrow design."

"I understand your confusion, but with this title I am actually referring to a series of 10 different target CDs that I discovered a few years ago and of which I was able to add 9 titles to my collection until recently. And now I have found the tenth title, hence the title at the top of this article."

"I see... Are there any other collectors who own all ten titles?"

"I don't know of anyone else, but there's no doubt that more collectors will eventually get the full set together."

"Apart from these ten titles, are there other Target CDs that are still missing in your Collection?"

"I'm not aware of any other title with the Target design, that is in the hands of other collectors of which I don't have a copy."

"So then your Target CD Collection is the only one in the world that contains at least one copy of each known CD title with a target design?"

"Yes, probably, but you have to take into account that in the future new titles may be discovered with the target design."

"That's fascinating... I guess I want to learn more about this subject. Can you let me know when you have published this article so that I can read it?"

"But you've just done that, Al!"