May 4, 2012 : The French Collection

A few years ago I discovered that a number of CDs by French artists released on the WEA label, were also bearing the target design without being documented in any survey. After some online searching and browsing through the bins, the following French Target CDs were added to the Target CD Collection:

  1. Michel Berger - Les Plus Belles Chansons, Starmania
  2. France Gall - Dancing Disco
  3. Gold - Capitaine Abandonné, Calicoba
  4. Jean-Jacques Goldman - Les Années Warner
  5. Françoise Hardy - Message Personnel, Entr'acte
  6. Michel Jonasz - Les années 80 commencent, La Nouvelle Vie, Tristesse, Unis vers l'uni, Michel Jonasz en concert au Palais des Sports, Les Plus Belles Chansons
  7. Thierry Le Luron - de De Gaulle à Mitterrand
  8. Herbert Léonard - Pour le Plaisir (single and double disc version)
  9. Michel Polnareff - Michel Polnareff
  10. Jakie Quartz - Jakie Quartz
  11. Véronique Sanson - Vancouver, 7ème, Véronique Sanson, L'Olympia 1985, Symphonique Sanson, Les Plus Belles Chansons
  12. Jeanne-Marie Sens - Les Plus Belles Chansons
  13. Fabienne Thibeault - Les Plus Belles Chansons (2 versions, each with a different track listing and different front cover)
It is interesting to see that both Michel Jonasz and Véronique Sanson have 6 different album titles after their names that have been released as Target CDs, which is only one title less than the Eagles who have 7 different titles.

Recently I tracked down the following variations of some of Véronique Sanson's targets:

First there is the Polygram variation of Vancouver...

with its own back tray inlay.

This variation of Véronique Sanson's eponymous album has no text in the plastic hub...

and also came with its own back inlay.

And finally there are two variations of the live album L'Olympia 1985, both POLYGRAM variations and both without outer mirror band but one without...
and one with MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY PDO etched around the center hole.