Apr. 7, 2012 : Kind of Blue

West German Target CDs released on the Sire label all have a yellow background with purple target squares and black lettering. The only exceptions are Pretenders - Learning to Crawl and the rare Talking Heads - Remain in Light variation which uses the color scheme that is common for targets released on the WB label.

The color palette used on the Japanese pressings of the Sire targets is more varied. Not only do the two CDs by Madonna each have a unique color scheme, but also the scheme that is used for the two Pretenders CDs is not to be found on any other target. Only the pressings of the three Talking Heads targets look very similar to the West German pressing, with which they share the same yellow background but in stead of purple target squares and black lettering, they have the target squares and lettering in different kinds of blue.

Each of these Japanese pressings of the Talking Heads targets can be found in two small variations. On the more common variation the outer target squares are in a bright blue color while the inner target squares are in the same dark blue color as the Sire logo and lettering. The other variation, which seems to be more scarce, has all target squares in the same bright blue color.

Below the three Talking Heads targets are shown with all squares in the bright blue color.

Speaking in Tongues

Little Creatures

Stop Making Sense