May 24, 2014 : Philips & DuPont Optical

The first CD pressing plant in the world was owned by Polygram Records. This plant, which opened in August 1982, was located in Hanover, West Germany. CDs that were pressed by Polygram had the text "Made in West Germany by Polygram" printed on the label side of the disc. This text was integrated in the label design on CDs that were pressed for companies that did not belong to WEA. On the other hand, Targets CDs that were released by record companies of the WEA group have this text printed along the perimeter in the southern hemisphere of the disc. 

In October 1985 Polygram transferred control of their West German pressing plant to a joint venture between Philips and DuPont Optical (PDO). To make sure there was adequate pressing capacity to meet the increasing demand because of the growing popularity of the CD format, new plants were opened in the UK and in the USA.

Targets CDs that were pressed in the USA have the text "Made in USA by PDO" printed along the perimeter but on West German Target pressings the name of the manufacturer was simply removed from the silk screen and in stead the text "Made in W. Germany by PDO" was etched around the center hole on the play side of the disc.

Below are some examples of Targets CDs I acquired recently. They are all manufactured in West Germany by PDO but they also exist as a variation that was manufactured by Polygram.

Christopher Cross - Another Page

Eagles - On the Border

Fleetwood Mac - Mirage

Foreigner - Foreigner 4

Emmylou Harris - Profile II

Original Soundtrack - Das Boot

Linda Ronstadt - Lush Life