Mar. 29, 2014 : Now You Don't

There are but a few West German Target CD pressings that can only be found without an outer mirror band. The first two studio albums of Dire Straits, Genesis's Abacab and Gold's Capitaine Abandonné are the only ones that spring to my mind.

On the other hand, many pressings with a mirror band also exist as a variation where this mirror band is absent. It is interesting to notice though that, except for 2 of the above-mentioned albums, only pressings with MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM or MADE IN WEST ☐ GERMANY, can be found without a mirror band and that the first generation of West German Targets CDs, i.e. those with MADE IN ☐ WEST GERMANY printed around the perimeter, only exist with a mirror band.  

The pictures below show some of my recent acquisitions of West German Targets CDs without an outer mirror band. They all have the text MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM printed around the perimeter and, apart from the matrix number, have no extra text etched around the center hole.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Mass in B Minor

Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop

Dire Straits - Alchemy Part I

Dire Straits - Alchemy Part II

Midnight Star - Planetary Invasion