Aug. 5, 2013 : The Matrix

The matrix code is a combination of letters and numbers printed on the inner mirror band of a CD. In most cases it contains the catalog number of the CD and some mastering information that identifies the glass master, the father, the mother and the stamper that were used to create the CD.

Japanese target pressings that were intended for the domestic market were manufactured by CBS/Sony. In most cases the matrix code on these CDs consists of the catalog number in the form 32XDnnn, with 32 reflecting the original retail price which was 3200 Yen, mastering information in the form 11An (n being a number between 1 and 10) and five '+++++'.

The clear plastic hub of the CD is either blank or could contain the inscription 'csr'. Some CDs can also be found with MANUFACTURED BY CBS/SONY RECORDS INC. or COMPACT DISC CSR repeating 3 times in the plastic center.

Below some matrix variations are shown of target CDs made in Japan for the Japanese market. Of particular interest is the first example of Madonna - Like a Virgin which has matrix code 32XD-102 1A1 TO, suggesting that it is a Toshiba pressing. Also the text printed along the perimeter in the northern hemisphere is quite different from the one that is found on the other pressings of this CD. In stead of A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY (W) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION IS VIOLATION OF APPLICABLE LAWS, the text on this one reads MADE BY WARNER-PIONEER - CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS OF THE MANUFACTURER AND OF THE - OWNER OF THE RECORDED WORK RESERVED. UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION - IS A VIOLATION OF APPLICABLE LAWS. It is the same text that can also be found on the Japan-for-Japan targets of George Benson Give Me The Night or Fleetwood Mac Rumours.

Phil Collins - Hello, I Must Be Going! - 32XD-340 11A1 +++++ - 'csr'

Madonna - Like a Virgin - 32XD-102 1A1 TO - no hub text

Madonna - Like A Virgin - 32XD-102 11A3 +++++ - no hub text

Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 32XD-325  11A1 +++++ - 'csr'

Prince - Purple Rain - 32XD-316 11A3 +++++ - 'csr'

Van Halen - 1984 - 32XD-313 11A1 +++++ - no hub text

Van Halen - 1984 - 32XD-313 11A2 +++++ - no hub text

Sadao Watanabe - Maisha - 32XD-4  11A4 +++++ - no hub text

Sadao Watanabe - Maisha - 32XD-4 11A10 +++++ - 'csr'